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Your wellbeing is a priority - for me, for you, for the community

After the struggles the world has faced in recent times, the need for self-care has never been more important.  How we care for ourselves has a direct impact on our own physical and mental wellbeing, but also ripples out to those close to us, to those in our community and to the world at large. 

My own personal journey with health issues, family stress and the consequences of the disease pandemic on my work, my family and the uncertainty and fear it has created around our quality of life and even our mortality - well, it’s been a slap in the face, a big wake-up call - we HAVE to take care of ourselves, we have to. We can’t leave it up to others, not our family or friends, not the under-funded community organisations or the over-stretched health system when things go really wrong.

Prevention  (e.g. of chronic health conditions or burnout) is a realistic approach towards wellbeing, more so than hoping for a “cure”. Prevention can start now, because we don’t know if we’ll ever have “the cure” for whatever is causing our “ill-being”.

So whether you’re wanting to work on your physical health, your emotional health, your vocational path, your spiritual journey or just feeling frustrated or stuck with that “how did I get here and what’s next?” feeling - I want to help.

Don’t rush this, dilly dally a while - take some time to pause, to ponder, to clear your mind, rest your body, and soothe your soul.  The time is now, to care for you - the benefits are far-reaching and thoroughly justified - so it’s completely guilt-free, and no bad side-effects!

Self-care - the best treatment ever!

Start here - we’ll help get you started on the journey to your own wellbeing.


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I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

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Self-care: for now and for the future

Self-care is the foundation of all health care approaches.  In the absence of self-care, chronic illnesses can occur or worsen and our general wellbeing, in every sense, is put at risk.  This course is for everyone that needs to learn more about self-care and how to make it an everyday priority.  We’ll show you where to start, how to make it easy and fun, and how to maintain self-care for the long term.

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* Free * Self-care mini-course

Whether the concept of self-care is new to you or if you’d just like to learn more about it, this free mini-course will provide you with the WHAT, WHY and HOW of self-care.  It’s full of facts and ideas and will help you see why self-care is essential for everyone.

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A range of courses are being developed for online delivery.  We will have courses and resources to offer in mindfulness, Strengths and Values, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills and awareness, Burnout, Creative Expression and more.  Sign up for updates.

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